My Story of Struggle

Raj Bapna photo Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I studied in Hindi-medium schools and never got a chance to speak English before college.

On the way to BITS, Pilani to join B.E., I met P.V. Reddy at Chirava railway station. I started talking in Hindi. Reddy said, “I don’t know Hindi”. I said, “I don’t know English”. We both kept quiet and just sat there.

I continued to struggle with English during the first 2 years in Pilani. It was a humiliating experience for me. I felt deep pain and frustration.

With much struggle and hard work, despite following faulty advice from friends, books, and professors, I started to improve.

Finally, I become confident with simple and practical English. Years later, I worked at Intel in California, USA, and also became co-author of best-selling books in the USA and India.

Now, I help software programmers to get more success in career.

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